Monday, May 9, 2011

Reigning From Above

Did you know that
the classic yellow plastic bat is no longer used for pinatas?
It's true.
Nowadays it's the titanium club
that is the weapon of choice.

One, two, three whacks
is all it takes
before a waterfall of junk food
floods the ground
and little painted hands and feet go scrambling.

Most children will automatically hit the ground
in search of treasure
It's the independent thinker
who questions the source.
Instead of down, they look up.

So always remember,
there are no rules.
Sometimes it's not slow and steady
that wins the race.
Sometimes it's about quick reflexes.

And an opened bag.


  1. Ha.
    And where was the kid yelling, no fair! Foul!

  2. Recently attended a party where 2 of the dads held the pinata suspended on a pole (small kids) Each of them received a whack in the knees at some point as the not so meek little girls wielded their bat - hilarious!

  3. Meanwhile, my kid is the one in the kitchen, tiptoed on a chair rummaging through the cupboard looking for the bag of candy we couldn't fit into the pinata . . . :)

    This needs to be in a book. Please tell me it will be!

  4. Ha! An independent thinker, yes. Or a future Republican?

  5. The titanium bat! No wonder our last Pinata was such a challenge. No one was thinking independently.

  6. there is nothing more comforting to me than purple fingernails. and candy.