Sunday, May 8, 2011

This Day is Yours

To all the mothers
who spend their days
away from their little ones
trying to make a better life.

To all the mothers
who spend their days
in spite of a door that may be tightly shut.

To all the mothers
who spend their days
and their nights awake and feeding
undeterred by the fog.

To all the mothers
who spend their days
giving and giving and giving
and then giving some more.

To all these mothers,
I applaud you
and your constant worry, your careful examination
Your pure attachment.

May love's embrace envelope you
Homemade creations rain on you
And sweet morsels be fed to you.
This moment belongs to you.

Happy Mother's Day.


  1. I'm feeling the love, beautiful homemade creations in hand, waiting on the sweet morsels. A wonderful, thoughtful tribute. Thank you, MSB. Happy Mothers Day to you!

  2. Happy, happy Mother's Day to the incredible mother of incredible kids.

    You inspire me!

  3. Ahhhhh. That was just perfect.

  4. MSB,
    There is a movie, Je T'Aime, Paris. It is twenty different short movies, one of which is called Loin du 16eme. There is a working class young woman, who takes the subway, still dark in the morning, to drop her baby off at daycare, a room of cribs. She puts her baby in the crib and sings him a lullaby. She gets back on a subway, then a bus, and arrives at a wealthy employers where she is asked to work late. She is unhappy to do so, but must as she needs the job.
    She goes in and picks up the employer's infant and sings him the same lullaby. This small scene still, still, still devastates me. It is crushing.

    To all of the mothers who have to do that, may your children know inherently how much you love them.

  5. MSB and Lyra, you have melted me again. Do you people never let up?
    May the best of our pasts be the worst of our futures.

  6. Oh so beautiful. I hope you enjoyed a beautiful day.